and i hate when people on here try to glorify not having friends like shut up it’s fucking horrible i had like maybe one friend throughout all of high school and it’s an awful and seemingly meaningless existence that serves only to make you feel shitty about yourself it’s not fucking cute

you mean the one of Beatrice and Battler
Remember when you played it in the car for three minutes and hated it

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Pubes aren’t gross. Armpit hair isn’t gross. Leg hair isn’t gross. Fat isn’t gross. Bones that stick out aren’t gross.

Body policing is gross.

>bones that stick out
Excuse me what???

I forgot about that disgaea comic my boyfriend made and I’m laughing so hard


raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a girl


(1) 「ロック画面火ヴァル」/「アヤ(´・ω・`)」のイラスト [pixiv]